About Us

Christiania Shipping is a specialised chemical ship owning and chartering company, at present with MarineLine coated chemical tankers ranging from 3,500 dwt to 12,600 dwt.

Today the Company operates 18 vessels, of which 9 are owned, 5 vessels on long-term bareboat contracts and 4 vessels on time charter contracts.

Christiania Shipping has a leading position in trade niches, and the vessels are trading in the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, West Africa, and the Mediterranean.  

We have highly motivated and skilled personnel, all operating in accordance with company and business procedures. Our head office is in Copenhagen, while the specialised staff on West African trade is based in Golfe Juan, France.

The Company changed to its present name from Herning Shipping on 1 April 2018. Christiania Shipping has roots back to 1963, when Herning Shipping was established in Herning, Denmark.